Zotefoams to launch Ecozote® Sustainability+ foams range at K 2022, with 30% recycled content LDPE grades

Zotefoams will underline its sustainability credentials at K 2022 with the launch of Ecozote, a range of closed cell crosslinked foams specifically designed for product sustainability.

Throughout its history, Zotefoams has been at the forefront of developments in lightweight materials that save energy by insulating or save fuel costs by reducing weight.

The company produces the lightest closed cell crosslinked block foam in the world, at just 15 kg/m3, and its business is predominantly based on long-term applications, underpinned by the notable durability of its materials, which derives from Zotefoams’ unique autoclave manufacturing process.

With sustainability centre stage at K, Zotefoams will introduce the first selection of materials in its Ecozote Sustainability+ foams range, which responds to the need for plastic products that improve circularity or reduce reliance on fossil fuel-derived raw materials.

Ecozote LDR18 and LDR27 are closed cell, crosslinked low-density polyethylene (LDPE) grades incorporating 30% post-industrial waste that comply with emerging requirements for recycled content in product protection applications.

 Following several months of trials with selected customers, LDR18 and LDR27 are now available as alternatives to their LD18 and LD27 Plastazote® polyethylene foam counterparts produced from virgin polymer.

Dr Karl Hewson, Director of Technology and Development at Zotefoams, comments, “Zotefoams has long been recognised as a supplier of sustainable materials thanks to the superior performance to weight ratio of many of our foams compared to those produced by other methods, as well as their longevity and purity.

Recognition of the importance of carbon reduction is now universal and so we have engaged with customers to understand how best we can support them in this mission. 

The challenge for Zotefoams is the sheer diversity of the markets we serve: In product protection, and notably single use packaging applications, the hierarchy of waste (reduce, reuse, recycle) is the key driver for sustainability, while in commercial aviation, reducing fuel consumption through lightweighting is imperative to meet 2050 targets for carbon reduction.

“Ecozote has been conceived to help customers address these diverse interpretations,” continues Dr Hewson. “LDR18 and LDR27 with 30% recycled content are part of the first Ecozote product line driving plastics circularity, with more to follow.

“Sustainability is a complex topic and often, only a detailed life cycle assessment will identify what is truly the most sustainable solution but with Ecozote, we are building on the underlying sustainability credentials of all our block foams ­– light weight, durable and foamed using nitrogen borrowed from the atmosphere ­– to give our customers and end-users additional choices to address market- or application-specific requirements”.

K 2022 takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 19 to 26 October, 2022. Visit Zotefoams on stand 5A24.