Building & Construction

AZOTE® Polyolefin foams

AZOTE® foams find many uses in building and construction for sealing and thermal insulation applications. They are used in the manufacture of eaves fillers where their lightweight, long life durability and sealing properties are paramount.

Evazote closed-cell, cross-linked EVA foam is used extensively in the construction industry as expansion jointing material. It has an elastic working range of 60% compression, 30% tension and 120% shear and is unaffected by road salts and petroleum products (i.e. petrol, diesel fuel, oil and grease). It repels stones and debris otherwise absorbed by strip seals. When under compression, Evazote closes upon itself, eliminating the possible extrusion of the material created by thermal contraction of the expansion joint.

Evazote is ideal for use as the support for sports floors giving the floor the degree of elasticity or “give” that helps reduce the ‘jarring’ of limbs and joints during active sports. Evazote combines the required compression stress characteristics with outstanding long-term resistance to compression set, making it ideal for this and many other similar applications.

AZOTE® foams are also used as core materials for a variety of composite panels used flooring, temporary structures and temporary water defences where its light weight, durability and impact absorbing properties are beneficial.

ZOTEK® high performance foams

For ultra-high specification buildings and construction projects ZOTEK® F is an ideal material, being unaffected by UV radiation and meeting stringent flammability specifications.