Ecozote Sustainability+ Foams

The new Ecozote® Sustainability+ foams range responds to the need for plastic products that improve circularity or reduce reliance on fossil fuel-derived raw materials.

Ecozote LDPE foams with 30% recycled content Closed cell, crosslinked low-density polyethylene foams

Ecozote is a range of closed cell, crosslinked low-density polyethylene (LDPE) foams incorporating 30% recycled material. Following the success of Ecozote LDR, which contains 30% pre-consumer waste, which is already used in many product protection applications, NEW for 2023, we are launching Ecozote PE/R. This is Zotefoams’ first foam to incorporate 30% post-consumer recycled content, certified by EU-Certplast. The material’s fine cell, matte black appearance makes it perfect for luxury packaging applications.

Ecozote LDR

30% pre-consumer recycled content

*Conforms to
ISO 14021:2016

Suitable for components manufacture, transit packaging etc.
Available grades:

LDR18BK 2000x1000x35mm Skin/Skin Sheet

LDR27BK 2000x1200x53mm Skin/Skin Sheet

LDR29ABK 2000x1000x35mm Skin/Skin Sheet

LDR29ABK 2000x1200x35mm Skin/Skin Sheet

LDR45BK 2000x1000x30mm Skin/Skin Sheet

NEW – Ecozote PE/R

30% post-consumer recycled content

Lightweight and low-density with reduced material content – save energy and transport costs

Fine cell, matt black appearance for luxury packaging applications

Available grades:

PER30MBK 2000x1000x52mm

PER24WE 2000x1000x52mm Skin/Skin Sheet

*Ecozote LDR is manufactured using 30% pre-consumer waste and is verified to conform to ISO 14021:2016’s definition of recycled content, verifying the traceability of the recycled material from the source to production and eventually the product’s recycled content.

The recycled material used within Ecozote PE/R conforms with EU-Certplast, guaranteeing the traceability of recycled materials and enhancing the quality of recycled plastic in the supply chain

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Superior performance using less material – save costs and energy
Building on the underlying sustainability credentials of Zotefoams materials – lightweight, durable and foamed using nitrogen borrowed from the atmosphere – Ecozote foams have product sustainability at the core of their design philosophy.

Superior performance using less material – save waste, costs and energy

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Benefits of the Ezozote Sustainability+ foam range:

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Lightweight and low-density, outperforms competitor foams with equivalent density

Improved circularity – same performance with less virgin material

Consistent cell size ensuring physical performance is compatible with a wide range of forming methods

Good energy-absorbing properties for excellent impact protection

Manufactured using a unique nitrogen expansion process making pure, odourless and non-toxic foams

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