Sports & Leisure

Zotefoams advanced cellular materials offers revolutionary opportunities for the sports and leisure industry through a collection of applications from footwear to protective clothing.


AZOTE® foams are probably the most widely used closed cell foams in the sports and leisure industry. Their superior properties and performance characteristics make AZOTE® foams the natural choice for many different applications, from swimming aids to sports orthotics; back packs to body protectors; cricket pads to camping mats and helmet liners to handlebar pads.

AZOTE offers a broad range of benefits to the sports and leisure industry, including:

  • Wide colour choice – available in a wide variety of vibrant colours, making them ideal material for applications where aesthetic appeal is important
  • Easy to use – due to the Zotefoams manufacturing process, AZOTE® foams are relatively stress-free making them easy to fabricate
  • Buoyant – AZOTE® polyolefin foams are naturally buoyant and light, making them the perfect choice for swimming aids, pool games, floats, and buoys


ZOTEK® N takes the traditional properties of nylon and transforms them into innovative impact protection materials.

ZOTEK® N is used by major brands to enhance their high-tech impact protective clothing due to its unique properties, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Impact protection
  • Durability
  • Withstanding all temperatures


ZOTEK® PEBA is the ultimate lightweight foam with an unbeatable high energy return. It is most commonly used to boost physical performance of high-tech footwear, as well as saddles and protective clothing.

ZOTEK® PEBA offers a range of matchless advantages, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Versatility
  • High energy return
  • Durability
  • Dynamic
  • Flexibility