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    Lightweight and low-density, outperforms competitor foams with equivalent density

    High performance closed cell, cross-linked Nylon foam based on Polyamide 6.

    ZOTEK® N combines all the recognised benefits of nylon with the advantages of a foam.

    • Excellent temperature performance (up to 205◦C/ 401◦F)

    • Excellent hydrocarbon, alcohol and ketones resistance

    • Can be easily thermoformed into complex single components structures providing weight and cost reduction

    • Low weight, buoyancy and thermal and acoustic insulation

    • Best in class durability and longevity

    The following grades are available:

    • ZOTEK NB50 
    • ZOTEK NB70

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    ZOTEK® N foams are commonly used for the following application areas:

    Hot Temperature Processing Aids (Click to find more info)

    • Paint/powder coating masking material 
    • Manufacturing processing support for metals, plastics and composite panels.
    • Dimensionally stable insulation material which can be inserted pre-high temperature process 
    • In process hot material handling aid  (Click here to download case study)

    High Temperature Insulation

    • Temperature resistant seals & gaskets
    • Thermal insulation and heat shields
    • Air conditioning seals
    • Domestic appliances (e.g. coffee machine insulation jacket)
    • Battery cover insulation

    Personal Protection

    • Padded athletic clothing
    • Hard body armor padding


    • Transmission seals (resistant to transmission fluids)
    • Agricultural engine hood cover
    • Energy absorbing composite panels and semi-structural parts (e.g. in the engine compartment)
    • Core material in thermoplastic composites where it will allow higher temperatures to be used during processing thus reducing cycle times and increasing capacity

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