Product Protection

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AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foams for all your Packaging applications

Product protection
The regular cell size of AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foams makes them highly energy absorbent… ideal materials for protection of goods. They are inert, lightweight, UV stable, flexible, tough and resilient and exhibit outstanding resistance to chemicals and water. They are highly pure, will not cause corrosion or staining and are safe to use for the transit and archival storage of antiquities and works of art.

Returnable transit packaging
AZOTE® foams play an important role in the global endeavour to reduce packaging waste, by providing a true multi-trip solution for transit packaging, both as case inserts and dunnage. The high energy absorbent nature of AZOTE® foams means that less thickness is needed for protection… smaller packs means less storage space requirement and better transport volume utilisation.

Military storage and product protection
Zotefoams manufactures foams that meet or exceed the following military requirements

  1. Foam for general purpose storage and product protection
  2. High density foam for general purpose storage and product protection
  3. Foam for explosive compatible storage

Static dissipative and conductive foams also have many applications in the military sector.

Transit packaging in aviation and aerospace

AZOTE® foams have been widely used as transit packaging for many years and find application in both aerospace production areas, for tool control and part protection during transport, and on planes to produce safe compact storage for pieces of equipment such as defibrillator units.

More recently, ZOTEK® F foams have found use as packaging where lightweight inherently flame retarded foams with high purity are required to protect high value components and equipment during transit in both aviation and aerospace applications.

Electronics Packaging
Critical electronics devices, assemblies and equipment are known to be susceptible to “static zap”. To overcome this potential problem, Zotefoams produces permanently static dissipative, protective foams. These foams incorporate a non-corrosive, totally encapsulated conductive component in their make-up that provides bulk conduction of static without the need for atmospheric moisture, making it non-reliant on environmental conditions.

Conservation storage and protection
Plastazote is the preferred choice for conservation storage of artefacts, antiquities and works of art around the world. AZOTE® foams use only nitrogen for expansion, in a process that creates unparalleled purity, isotropic consistency and closed cell protection. Because of this, there are no chemical residues capable of causing staining and unpleasant odours and no deleterious gases are present to seep out, no matter how long a piece may be archived.

Plastazote® has set the European conservation standard for decades due to its impact absorption, ease of fabrication, attractive appearance, and purity.

ZOTEK® F material is recommended where low closure force seals are required that meet the rigorous UL94 V0 flammability standard.