T-FIT® Unique Insulation Technology is the best solution for cleanroom insulation, aseptic areas and insulating high-temperature processing environments. Manufactured from fine, pure, closed cell foams, T-FIT has a wide temperature operating range, produces no particulates during cutting, handling and installation, neither does it absorb or transmit moisture.

With a low profile of just 6.25mm compared to the much greater thicknesses required for traditional open cell foam to achieve comparable performance, T-FIT’s compact footprint gives valuable space savings in cleanroom environments. It also delivers low total cost of ownership thanks to its superior performance, its suitability to be cut in situ and its long service life with low maintenance requirements.

The T-FIT® Clean insulation system is manufactured exclusively from ZOTEK® F42HTLS foam, the only foam in the world compliant with, and recommended by, the FM4910 Cleanroom Materials Protocol – the standard for cleanroom materials, including process piping insulation and air ducting.

T-FIT® Clean system components are produced by adding nitrogen to pure PVDF resin (rated USP Class VI), and has significantly higher chemical resistance than PVC and other conventional polymer and elastomeric insulation foam materials.

The unique Zotefoams manufacturing process, and high-grade polymer, enables a true closed-cell foam, making ZOTEK® F42HTLS highly resistant to bacteria growth and surpassing the industry standard ASTM G21-15

The T-FIT® Clean insulation system delivers

  • closed cell clean technology
  • a temperature range of -80° to +160°C (-112° to +320°F)
  • hydrophobic properties, with excellent moisture, chemical and UV resistance
  • ultra-low smoke, flame and toxicity
  • compliance with FM Approvals 4910 standard for cleanroom materials
  • ease and speed of installation thus reducing clean room operating costs

T-FIT® Clean insulation systems have a standard wall thickness of just 6.35mm (1/4”). This saves space and allows the effective insulation of areas where coverage was previously problematic. It also allows the reduction of skid size at the design and construction phase. Custom moulded fittings and the specialised overlapping PVDF self-adhering tape make installation fast and easy.

T-FIT® Clean insulation system is safe, sanitary, and simple to install.

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