Air Conditioning & Ducting

Thermal insulation applications

Zotefoams offers a range of flame retardant Plastazote foams used in a variety of thermal insulation applications. Plastazote foams pass the Euroclass B flammability standard up to 40mm thickness. The foam as a standalone or combined with laminates offers unique combination of thermal insulation properties over a wide range of temperatures. The closed cell nature of the foam combined to its purity makes it an ideal choice where fungus and bacteria growth are of concern. By offering flame retardant products down to 15kg/m3, AZOTE® foams are able to offer low thermal conductivity grade products at the time of installation but also keep those performance due to the nature of the material.

Clean tube and pipe insulation system

Increasing sanitary & hygiene standards in both the air conditioning & ducting markets, where the growth of bacteria is an extreme concern, have enabled the use of T-FIT® Clean through the versatility of its flat sheet products. Flat sheets can be cut to size, shaped & moulded to fit any air conditioning unit or ducting and ventilation equipment. Its extreme resistance to bacteria growth and its ultra-low flame, smoke & toxicity rating, and the ability to eliminate condensation, have enabled manufacturers worldwide to increase the safety and versatility of their product ranges.