Polymer reduction technology

Create revolutionary microcellular materials that perform like a solid plastic for lighter, greener, lower-cost

Patented technology from MuCell Extrusion LLC creates a lightweight centre in plastic extrusions by injecting pure atmospheric gas during manufacture. The result is a microcellular, or foamed, core within a solid skin – a single material that looks and performs like a solid plastic yet uses 15-20% less polymer.

a choice of applications...​

MuCell polymer reduction technology can be applied in a wide range of extrusion applications. These materials are then used to make products, such as pouches, sachets, trays, pots and other containers frequently used in volume in consumer packaging, reducing the carbon footprint right through the supply chain. And, after use, the products can be recycled in standard post-consumer waste streams.

The possibilities are endless …​​

Sheet applications

Film applications

Polymer reduction technology

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Polymer reduction technology

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