SSC record impressive energy savings using Zotefoams’ lightweight foam

Swiss Shielding Corporation AAG (SSC), a developer of innovative concepts and system components for railway vehicle construction, has employed Plastazote® MP15FR, a lightweight polyethylene block foam from Zotefoams’ AZOTE® range, to produce the award-winning rail insulation system SSC-Q, enabling energy savings of up to 26% in comparison with other traditional methods.

Currently Zotefoams’ lightest grade foam, MP15FR has proven to be a successful component in SSC’s innovative SSC-Q rail insulation system as it provides long-term consistency of insulating properties. Due to its closed cell, cross-linked structure, the polyethylene-based foam operates efficiently and effectively through all climate zones, resisting moisture absorption to minimise the risk of condensation and associated mould growth.

SSC prides itself on being environmentally responsible, using sustainable materials wherever possible to benefit passengers, the economy and the environment, and so recognises the need for advanced materials offering superior performance and a unique combination of advantages for the rail industry globally.

Plastazote® MP15FR delivers best-in-class flammability credentials along with incomparable lightweight properties, guaranteeing a cost-effective solution to saving energy. It also has exceptional vibration absorption capabilities that give superior comfort to passengers.

­­­­Simultaneously, through Zotefoams’ unique material and SSC’s advanced technologies, an insulation system has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of railway industry standard EN45545. Its unique properties have been effectively demonstrated as SSC has since received recognition from the Watt d’Or awards – a prestigious award created by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy to acknowledge innovative Swiss companies setting new standards for solutions that unite energy and environment awareness – in the ‘Energy-Efficient Mobility’ category.

Zotefoams Group CEO, David Stirling, comments, “We are pleased our lightest grade of foam, MP15FR, has proven such a successful component for SSC: with sustainability and lightweighting at the top of the agenda, Zotefoams’ products are continually recognised for their unique characteristics, which include consistent structure, performance and durability, that help to deliver energy, weight and cost reductions for customers and end users.”