ZOTEK® NB50 – boiler insulation for professional coffee machines

High performance, cost-effective and space saving boiler insulation

From the early morning latte to the after-dinner espresso, the professional coffee machine works hard, really hard.

For optimum daily performance and a long service life, the boiler needs care – including the best insulation.

Unique properties​

ZOTEK NB50 foam for boiler machine insulation

Introducing ZOTEK NB50

Manufactured from heat-resistant nylon, ZOTEK NB50 is a closed cell, crosslinked lightweight foam that outperforms all other types of insulation, meeting and exceeding the thermal requirements for steam boilers, with consistently high performance at 120°C and a maximum operating temperature of 205°C.

Excellent thermal conductivity properties mean that less material thickness is required than with standard insulation, allowing reduced footprint and better machine design flexibility.

Flat sheets of ZOTEK NB50 can be thermo- or vacuum-formed to fit around the boiler and hot pipework, in an easy, single-step process, reducing manufacturing time and cost.

ZOTEK NB50 thermoformed vacuum-formed

Unique properties

ZOTEK products are manufactured via Zotefoams’ unique method, which produces the purest foams available, consistently outperforming the market in terms of consistent cell size and density,  compression stress and tensile strength. It also boasts excellent hydrocarbon, alcohol and ketone resistance.

The ZOTEK N range is widely used in the engineering, automotive and aviation sectors for high temperature processing and insulation applications. 


Space-saving and cost-effective

Ease of fabrication moulding

Consistently high performance at 120°C

Maximum operating temperature +205°C

Improved efficiency and lifetime of coffee machine

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