ZOTEK® N Nylon Foams

ZOTEK® N, Nylon Foams – High Temperature Processing Aids

ZOTEK® N Nylon foams have excellent high temperature performance and can be used for temperature spikes up to 200◦C. They exhibit excellent hydrocarbon resistance, insulation properties and can be easily thermoformed into complex shapes making them suitable for many industrial processing applications. For example:

 1. Paint/powder coating masking material: This unique foam is a highly effective paint/powder coating masking material for metals and plastics (e.g. sun roofs, floor masking and wheel turrets). Using thermoformed re-useable ZOTEK® N parts, that are resistant to the heat and paint applied delivers a cost reduction versus conventional silicone tapes by reducing time and labour.

2. Dimensionally stable panel support material: ZOTEK® N is an insulative and dimensionally stable foam which can be used as a manufacturing processing support for metals, plastic and composite panels.

3. Insulative durable and dimensionally stable material which can be inserted pre-high temperature process (e.g. paint bake cycle): This faster process reduces the manufacturing time and lowers cost.

4. In process hot material handling aid (e.g. in process packaging, early packaging of warm components; ullage, dunnage): The foam can also be used as an in process chemical resistant hot material handling packaging aid in the production of metal parts and components where often hydrocarbons and lubricating agents are used. This results in time and space saving as the package parts don’t require cooling time and therefore eliminate cooling storage and space requirement.

For further information please visit the team at stand 3UA36 next week at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany!