Lightweight ZOTEK® F OSU foam stars in Technifab’s Flexible ECS duct

Technifab Inc. fabricates a unique and innovative Flexible Environmental Control System (ECS) Duct for use in commercial aircraft and space applications, utilising Zotefoams’ ZOTEK F30 & F38HT high-performance foams. This Flexible ECS Duct distributes warm and cool air in the cabin of aircraft or space vehicles for passenger comfort.

The design incorporates self-aligning “clamp-less” cuffs with a positive stop to facilitate accurate and efficient installation. Installation can be accomplished using only one hand. The highly flexible nature of this duct allows it to be used in areas with a tight bend radius – up to .75 of the duct diameter – without compromising the cross-sectional area.

The flexibility of the material combined with the novel design allows the duct to expand in length 20% and compress 35% for ultimate adaptability and convenience.

technifab ducting

This is the first application that uses foam material for a flexible duct in an aerospace ECS system. Competing designs use silicone material, which is much heavier, less flexible, and more susceptible to failure during service.

technifab ducting

ZOTEK F30 and ZOTEK F38 HT were the only materials that could meet the performance requirements. The result is incredibly lightweight, which saves fuel but also improves the ergonomics of installation. Because ZOTEK F has inherent insulation properties, there is no need for an additional layer of insulation material.

Technifab’s ZOTEK F ECS ducts reduce weight by 91kg (200lb) per aircraft. Over 600 aircraft featuring these ducts have been delivered so far, equating to an estimated total annual fuel saving of more than four million litres (880,000 gallons).

Zotefoams has recognised the excellence and creativity that characterise Technifab’s Flexible ECS Ducts by naming it winner in the ‘Most Innovative Product’ category at the Zotefoams Centenary Awards.

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