ZOTEK F foam is leading the way into aircraft interior systems

Zotefoams plc, the leading manufacturer of closed-cell cross-linked foams, is proud to announce further adoption in the Aviation market segment of ZOTEK® F, the unique polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) foam.

The lightweight ZOTEK F foam offers a significant weight reduction of up to 50% compared to traditional materials such as silicone used in many aviation applications. In one recent example, an OEM aircraft utilising ZOTEK F components achieved an estimated weight reduction of an impressive 120kgs. The fuel savings due to this reduction in weight may amount to a staggering $25 Million over the life of an aircraft.

ZOTEK F also has excellent flammability performance and closed cell fluid barrier which has led to the material being used in unique applications such as carpet underlay for VIP and business jet cabins, as part of a flooring covering system. ZOTEK F has also recently been chosen as the carpet underlay of choice for a 747-8 business jet, covering in excess of 120 m2 of floor space. The PVDF foam meets numerous essential aviation flammability, Smoke and Toxicity standards, and it has gained approval by major aviation OEMs. ZOTEK F also exhibits an extremely low heat release value (OSU – Ohio State University Test standard), critical for foams used in aircraft interiors, allowing for more design flexibility in soft touch panel construction.

MGR Foamtex is extensively using Zotek F in the manufacturing of their MGRSoftWall® trim panels for business class and first class seating areas.

Les Simpson, chief executive at MGR Foamtex comments “We are passenger interface designers and engineers, so all our products are soft, with different foam for each application. Our soft-touch vertical seat panels, designed to cocoon passengers while they sleep, use PVDF ZOTEK F foams.” ZOTEK F has enabled MGR Foamtex to develop a lightweight replaceable panel for VIP and Business seating, therefore reducing the time taken for panel exchange.

Glenn Sievewright, ZOTEK F Business Development Manager said “Weight savings using ZOTEK F in carpet underlay applications can be up to 1.25 kg per square metre. This offers significant fuel savings over the life of the aircraft. Since the material is a water barrier, it does not gain weight as other open cells have a tendency to do. The material also offers excellent heat and noise insulation, which increase the comfort level in the cabin, as well as excellent impact resistance”.

About Zotefoams Plc.

Zotefoams plc (LSE – ZTF) is a world leader in cellular material technology. Using a unique manufacturing process with environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion, Zotefoams produces lightweight foams in Croydon, UK and Kentucky, USA for diverse markets worldwide through its global sales force. Zotefoams also owns and licenses patented MuCell® microcellular foam technology from a base in Massachusetts, USA to customers worldwide and sells T-Tubes® advanced insulation systems made from its patented ZOTEK® fluoropolymer foams.