Zotefoams to Supply Ultra Light-weight, High Performance HydroZOTE™ for O’NEILL Competition Wakeboard and Water-ski Vests

San Diego, CA — Tecniq LLC and Zotefoams, Inc. announced today the commercial launch of a new breed of floatation foams branded HydroZOTE™. The foam is ultra light-weight, virtually waterproof, and measurably more buoyant than competing floatation foams.

“Water Sports/Flotation Industry products, and pool floats are just a few of the types of products that HydroZOTE™ will add meaningful value to,” said Trey Moody, Sales & Business Development Manager at Zotefoams, Inc., the manufacturer of HydroZOTE™. “The added buoyancy and reduced weight per capita are critical factors in setting HydroZOTE™ apart,” Moody explained.

HydroZOTE™ has already proven its effectiveness in such extreme environments as big-wave surfing. While working in cooperation with a consortium consisting of professional big wave surfer Ian Walsh, his sponsor Red Bull, and product development company Tecniq, Zotefoams was able to provide a thinner, lighter, higher performance product. “HydroZOTE™” is amazing, the foam is so light-weight that it really gives me an advantage over what I was using before,” said Ian Walsh.

Recently, the iconic global surf and water sport brand O’NEILL took an interest in the use of HydroZOTE™ for competition wakeboard and waterski life vests. O’NEILL plans to release a series of products utilizing a special blend of the foam that they coined NytroLite Foam with HydroZOTE™ by Zotefoams. Be on the lookout for the O’NEILL life vests exclusively using HydroZOTE™ foams in stores in 2014.

“The foam (HydroZOTE™) is definitely a game-changer,” said Rob Falken, Managing Director at Tecniq LLC. “Personally, I’m really excited about the environmental process utilized to manufacture it” he continued. HydroZOTE™ closed cell foam is produced in Zotefoams exclusive nitrogen expansion process. The foam contains none of the carcinogens found in competing floatation foams and uses no blowing agents. It also doesn’t out-gas, which means there is no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s). Leaner, meaner, and greener, HydroZOTE™ is poised to be an agent of change.

About Tecniq

TECNIQ LLC, based in San Diego, CA, is a full service product development consortium with an emphasis on intellectual property creation and environmental impact. The company has a proven record of success working with global market leaders in a variety of product categories. http://www.tecniq.com