Silicone Expo 2023: Zotefoams to showcase ZOTEK® F high-performance lightweight foams range offering world-class flammability ratings

Zotefoams plc, a world leader in cellular materials technology, will exhibit at Silicone Expo for the first time this year, presenting a product range designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the aviation and automotive industries, while maximising safety.

The transition to a lower carbon economy is driving the agenda in sectors including aviation and automotive, with frontline strategies that include better fuel efficiency and alternative energy sources.

First-time Silicone Expo exhibitor Zotefoams will demonstrate the potential of its ZOTEK® F high-performance foams range to address these challenges, either as a lightweight alternative to solid silicone, or as a composite component. The range includes densities ranging from 30 to 150kg/m3.

Produced from high grade polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), ZOTEK F’s physical performance and characteristics are broadly comparable with silicone and it is:

  • versatile
  • consistent
  • durable
  • easy to process and offers good chemical resistance
  • withstanding the rigours of cleaning and sterilisation regimes in demanding production environments

PVDF is also biologically inert, making it an excellent choice for sterile environments, or where condensation is routine.

ZOTEK F excels in fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance, achieving the highest V-0 rating according to UL 94, the standard for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances.

Super-lightweight ZOTEK® F high-performance foam from Zotefoams is the material of choice for spacecraft interiors

This performance is key to ZOTEK F’s success in the aerospace sector, where its NASA approval has seen it selected for many current space programmes. 

In commercial aviation, it is highly regarded as a lightweight and extraordinarily versatile alternative to traditional materials, both in the cabin and behind the panels.

In environmental control system (ECS) applications, for example, a ventilation hose made from ZOTEK F weighs just a third of a comparable silicone hose. Other applications include First and Premium class seat pods, window seals, covered decorative and non-decorative panels, rigid armrests, consoles, tray tables, footwells, stowage lockers and carpet underlay.

As electric vehicles (EVs) increasingly replace petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, ZOTEK F is the ideal material for applications in and around batteries since its flammability ratings mean it does not contribute to the spread of any blaze. 

Placed between and around battery cells, its outstanding durability minimises vibration, noise and shocks, whilst its low thermal conductivity ensures the battery is kept at its optimum temperature. ZOTEK F ensures consistent performance of EV batteries, maximising their efficiency to extend vehicle mileage range.

Zotefoams’ Director of HPP Products, James Bridges says,

“ We are looking forward to introducing Zotefoams, and ZOTEK F in particular, to the Silicone Expo audience. As we transition to a lower-carbon economy and electric powertrains become more prevalent, lightweight materials with outstanding flammability performance are essential. 

ZOTEK F’s UL 94 V-0 accreditation combined with its other properties make it a compelling alternative to traditional materials. We invite manufacturers to our booth to see how ZOTEK F might benefit their material portfolio without compromising performance. ”

Zotefoams is exhibiting at Booth 901 at Silicone Expo 2023 , taking place from 4-5 October.