Zotefoams’ lightweight ZOTEK F® foam selected by Thompson Aero Seating

ZOTEK F has been selected as the material of choice by Thompson Aero Seating, a leading supplier of premium aircraft seating, as the lightweight, fire resistant solution for its new high-tech seating range as it offers an estimated 1.6kg reduction in weight per seat.

ZOTEK F is a high-performance closed cell, polyvinylidene fluoride foam manufactured via Zotefoams’ unique nitrogen expansion process. It meets BMS 8-371D and AIMS04-14-009 thanks to its Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) properties; its low OSU Heat Release performance adds little to the overall combustibility of soft-touch interior fittings. With densities starting at just 30kg/m3, ZOTEK F is a true lightweight material offering Thompson Aero Seating impressive weight and cost savings, making it an increasingly compelling choice compared to traditional materials.

Thompson Aero Seating

Thompson Aero Seating recognised the need for a lightweight, flexible material with low flammability to be at the forefront of its designs, as complying with and exceeding demanding industry standards is central to Thompson’s business model. Thompson’s latest concepts include soft touch trim around the rear of business class seating that negate the need for a composite panel to give structural support; replacing traditional materials with ZOTEK F reduces the overall weight of the seat and, in turn, saves on fuel costs.

With a closed cell structure and no flammable agents added during manufacture, the fluoro-polymer foam is inherently non-flammable, so meeting the requirements of aviation flammability standards, including those set up by major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Following strong customer interest for the High-Performance Product (HPP), Zotefoams has made major investments at its UK facility to increase foam manufacturing capacity, due to come on stream late 2019.

Zotefoams Group CEO, David Stirling, comments, “We are pleased ZOTEK F has proved such a successful component for Thompson’s aircraft seating, with the lightweight material now being employed in all ranges of their product portfolio and delivering huge benefits. Zotefoams has grown strongly in recent years, particularly in the aviation industry where we have outstripped market growth, so we will continue to support increasing demand through our various capacity investments and ensuring we meet our customers’ needs.”