Introducing AZOTE® Adapt LZ45 Matt Black: The new black

Zotefoams, has added to its groundbreaking AZOTE® Adapt range with the introduction of LZ45 Matt Black, which promises improved efficiency and appearance combined with better protection of luxury items.

AZOTE Adapt is a range of crosslinked polyethylene foams with fine cell structure, excellent consistency and low odour, manufactured by the combination of autoclaves with the latest blowing agent technology in a proprietary process.

Engineered to offer superior performance, AZOTE Adapt LZ45 Matt Black is a durable, resilient, lightweight foam delivering consistency of density across the foam sheet to maximising yield.

LZ45 Matt Black has low VOC content and odour compared with foams manufactured by traditional chemical processes, combined with a smooth matt black finish. These qualities make it the ideal choice to protect and showcase luxury goods. 

As the world’s largest manufacturer of lightweight crosslinked block foams, Zotefoams has continued to evolve its AZOTE® ranges based on physical expansion of pure nitrogen while acknowledging the growing market for chemically expanded foams. With concerns growing about residual VOCs from the chemical blowing process and stricter emissions standards, Zotefoams recognised a clear opportunity to improve on that process with AZOTE Adapt.

Zotefoams Group CEO, David Stirling, comments, “We are excited about the opportunities presented by LZ45 Matt Black: the whole range has been specifically developed to deliver the service, block size and properties requested by our customers and the initial feedback from the market has been very gratifying. Packaging is a key market for us, and we are delighted to offer this new grade which meets the performance, efficiency and aesthetic requirements for luxury packaging.”