Zotefoams Despatch Team Selects Next Generation Forklift Truck Fleet

Zotefoams plc, a world leader in cellular material technology, announces delivery of a new and advanced fleet of forklift trucks for the business.

The Despatch team have agreed a five year lease deal with Mexmast to use TCM, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of forklift trucks. Mike Tuddenham, Head of Supply Chain and Carl Kelly, Zotefoams’ Despatch Team Manager agreed that the time was right to invest in new forklift trucks. 

The forklift truck selection process involved the whole Despatch team alongside Mike Tuddenham and Carl Kelly. The team were invited to assess and comment on various trucks. Some team members drove and gained hands on experience of the trucks’ features, paying special attention to new safety measures. The test drives also gave the team the opportunity to try out different engines. The team devised a scoring system which helped narrow down the short listed trucks from eight to the winning one. Carl Kelly described the selection process as very thorough. Although longer than expected, the extra time and effort was a great investment and all aims were achieved through a group decision making process.


The team selected 1 FD30-E1 and 11 FD18-E1 trucks. Both models come with impressive safety features including digital key pads, traction control, pin code entry and an illuminated blue arrow for added pedestrian safety during reversing manoeuvres. 

The digital key pads can limit the speed of the trucks in line with site speed limit compliance. Traction control was specified as it was an issue with the previous model and will reduce wheel spinning and skidding during the icy winter months.

 blue arrowThe safety blue arrow is one the latest innovations in forklift safety. A blue arrow light is projected onto the ground when the truck is reversing, warning oncoming staff that the truck is driving towards them.

Finally, the new fleet is environmentally friendly and kinder to our neighbours as the new trucks are fitted with a directional white noise signal. This helps limit both the noise level and its spread.

Zotefoams expects to receive several business benefits from the new trucks including improved reliability, increased productivity and better delivery flow within the despatch team. The expansion in work planned for 2017 makes this a great time to invest in safety and productivity.

Martyn Drinkwater, one the most experienced members of the Despatch team and a cornerstone of this selection process was very happy with the decision to select the TCM trucks and pleased that he and the team were involved in the selection process. The team commented on the new trucks describing the drive as pleasurable and their overall performance as a great improvement.

Mike Tuddenham, Head of Supply Chain and Carl Kelly are very pleased with the process and the overall result. Mike Tuddenham said:

““These new forklift trucks for the Despatch team are a great investment in safety initiatives and improvement to daily working life.”

Carl Kelly also commented and said: “The forklift trucks have been a great investment as the business is gaining more volume from customers.”