Zotefoams brings winning selection of foams for the automotive industry to Europe’s car capital

Zotefoams, a world leader in cellular materials technology, will be displaying its unique range of closed cell foams ideal for the automotive industry, including High-Performance Products (HPP) from ZOTEK® and AZOTE® polyolefin foams, at this year’s Foam Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany – the birthplace of the automobile.

Zotefoams boasts a legacy of innovation that stretches back to 1921, when the company was founded as a manufacturer of expanded hard and soft rubber products following the development of the puncture-proof tyre.

Today the company is a major supplier to the automotive manufacturing industry, with a range of products making significant contributions to reducing vehicle weight and improving fuel economy and safety. Both AZOTE and ZOTEK ranges are produced via Zotefoams’ unique manufacturing process that gives an exclusive combination of beneficial properties, differentiating these materials from all other foams. The three-stage process uses nitrogen gas only as a foaming agent, the absence of chemical foaming agents significantly reduces the potential of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and in turn reducing both fogging and odour.

AZOTE foams have a high resistance to many chemicals including greases, brake fluids and coolants and, being closed cell, have practically no water absorption and very low transmission of water vapour. They are widely used in the interior trim of vehicles where they offer a high-quality finish with aesthetic appeal and flexibility of design. AZOTE also provides excellent protection against noise, vibration and harshness.

Manufactured from engineering polymers, ZOTEK high performance foams exhibit outstanding high-temperature performance and excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels. They are ideal for a range of composite and under-bonnet applications, as well as thermal insulation in excess of 150oC.

In addition, Zotefoams will be exhibiting a variety of foam grades – including the world’s lightest FR grade closed cell cross-linked foam at only 15kg/m³ – each of which is formulated to satisfy a specific range of applications in markets including automotive, aerospace, product protection, medical, construction and sports and leisure.

In a special product showcase (Wednesday 11 September at 14:00hrs, booth 654) led by Director of Technology and Development, Dr Karl Hewson, the company will demonstrate the distinctive properties of its latest materials.

Zotefoams Group CEO, David Stirling, comments, “We are looking forward to bringing our latest innovations to Stuttgart, the heartland of European car manufacturing. Zotefoams’ unique product range offers new materials to deliver the required performance at the lightest possible weight – a solution to challenges faced by automotive engineers today.”