The sky’s the limit for Plastazote® LD24FR grade foam

Comfortable aircraft seats in business class

Zotefoams is aiming high with its lightweight LD24FR grade foam from the AZOTE® polyolefin foam range.

LD24FR is an aviation-appropriate foam, which is an ideal alternative to traditional materials. Plastazote®, a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam, has a wide range of polymer combinations available which offer increased stiffness, improved moulding compatibility and indisputable improved temperature resistance.

Widely used in aircraft seating, Plastazote’s special grade foam, LD24FR, is a lightweight OEM-approved foam with a density of just 24kg/m3; it exceeds stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and holds exceptional thermal conductivity values, helping to ensure a steady environment for sensitive components, and the ability to withstand atmospheric conditioning.

Developed more than 30 years ago following huge demand for Plastazote foam, this superior FR grade material is considered to represent the best-in-class solution for the aviation industry. Zotefoams continues to support high demand and strong customer interest in the AZOTE polyolefin foam range through significant investments, including a major investment in a third production site in Poland to increase foam manufacturing capacity, globally.

Zotefoams Group CEO, David Stirling, says, “Through extensive research and development dating back more than three decades, we have successfully established our special grade polyolefin foams as a leading solution for aircraft designs thanks to their unique properties, including light weight, purity and flame retardant. Zotefoams has grown strongly in recent years, particularly in the aviation industry where we have outstripped market growth, so we continue to support increasing demand through additional capacity investments and ensuring we meet our customers’ needs.”