T-TUBES® chosen for Europe’s largest BioPharma facility

Zotefoams  plc,  the  world’s  leading  manufacturer  of  closed-cell  cross-linked  polyolefin  foams,  has been awarded a contract to supply their T-TUBES® high performance clean room insulation system for  Pfizer at its Grange  Castle facility in Dublin. Initial  deliveries of T-TUBES® were supplied in July 2013, in conjunction with ESI Technologies Ltd, Zotefoams exclusive distributor in Ireland.

The choice of the inherently pure and chemically resistant T-TUBES® product for use in purification, cell culture and harvest and recovery suites, for heat and energy conservation, personal protection and the  elimination  of  condensation  and  risk  of  bacteria  growth,  confirms T-TUBES® as  the  clean room  insulation  of  choice  at  Pfizer’s  major  European  Bio-pharmaceutical  plant. The  simple construction  and  accelerated  and  reduced  installation  time will  assist  in  the  completion  and commissioning  of  the  expanded  site.  Specifically, the  Grange  Castle  site  will  be  expanded  to  deal with  the  manufacture  of  an active pharmaceutical ingredient   API)  for  Pfizer’s  biologic  drug programme.

T-TUBES’®  proven  track  record  in  significantly  reducing  installation  time  and  costs,  reducing maintenance  and  operating  costs,  and  eliminating  the  risk  of  bacteria  growth  due  to  its  unique KYNAR® PVDF closed cell structure, was a major factor in Pfizer’s decision to use it throughout their expanded clean  room  facilities at  their US$2.25bn plant. The Grange Castle development is one of the  largest  integrated  biopharmaceutical  plants in  the  world  and  is  the  only  facility  in  Europe  to manufacture biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines within the same facility.