Showcasing AZOTE® benefits and versatility at Interfoam Shanghai

Drive cleaner, play safer, protect health

AZOTE Asia Limited, the exclusive regional distributor of Zotefoams’ world-renowned AZOTE® closed cell crosslinked polyolefin foams, will demonstrate how the long-established Plastazote® polyethylene and Evazote® ethylene copolymer foam ranges remain the best choice for modern day challenges.

Zotefoams materials are manufactured via a unique process that uses only temperature, pressure and nitrogen borrowed from the atmosphere. The result is foams that are lighter, purer, more consistent and durable – and the first choice in sectors including automotive, aviation, building and construction, industrial, marine, military and sports and leisure.

AZOTE has long been used in automotive components manufacture thanks to its ease of fabrication and purity, with a volatile organic compound (VOC) content minimal compared to that of foams produced by other methods. AZOTE’s consistency and isotropic characteristics also enable higher performance per unit of density, such that a 15 or 24kg/m3 AZOTE foam can outperform a competitor’s 30kg material, bringing benefits in terms of reduced material content and long-term fuel savings through weight reduction.

The range incorporates many grades and densities – from 15 to 115kg/m3 – for a variety of automotive applications and is available in formats including sheets and rolls. AZOTE foams have a high resistance to many chemicals including greases, brake fluids and coolants and, due to their closed cell structure, do not absorb or transmit water or water vapour.

Significantly, as the electric vehicle (EV) movement gathers momentum, AZOTE’s fire-retardant grade LD24FR is in demand for insulation and transportation of batteries thanks to its UL94 HF1 flammability rating.

AZOTE polyolefin foams are the ideal non-toxic material for medical and PPE applications

Demand for Plastazote foams for medical and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has soared over the past year. Absence of chemical blowing agents from the Zotefoams manufacturing process ensures materials are non-toxic, as well as hypoallergenic and latex-free: Plastazote meets ISO 10993 and is the material of choice for skin contact applications.

The foam is non-absorbent and inert, with a closed cell structure that prevents entrapment of airborne or liquid contaminants. It can be cleaned by washing in warm water with household soaps or detergents and disinfected with a hypochlorite (bleach) solution, enabling reuse that reduces costs and the levels of waste associated with single use PPE.

AZOTE foams also excel in medical packaging applications such as vial transport, where their purity, consistency, ease of fabrication, insulation properties and impact protection ensure that products arrive at their destination exactly as they left the factory.

AZOTE polyolefin foams are the ideal non-toxic material for children's toys and playmats

Chemical blowing agent residues and their potentially harmful effects are a particular concern where children and babies are concerned, making AZOTE’s purity and low toxicity credentials highly desirable in toys, playmats and cushioning for baby carriers. AZOTE materials comply with relevant standards, including the China National Toy Safety Standard.

“Increased focus on the environment and health has brought many changes to the way we live,” comments David Stirling, Group CEO at Zotefoams. “China is at the forefront of the EV revolution and we’re proud to have supplied AZOTE polyolefin foams for many of these projects. We are looking forward to Interfoam as an opportunity to explore more exciting opportunities for our materials in this dynamic market.”