FM4910 approved Clean-Room insulation system

T-FIT® Clean the latest development in the T-FIT® family, is the only clean technology insulation, designed and manufactured specifically for Clean-Room operations, and currently the only clean technology insulation approved and recommended by the industry standard for Clean-Room Operations in the semiconductor & electronics industries worldwide; Factory Mutual FM4910 Clean Room Protocol.

Manufactured from ZOTEK® F42HTLS, T-FIT Clean is a ‘Non-Shedding’ product that has an exceptionally high chemical resistance, and extremely ‘low outgassing’ performance’ this coupled with its ultra-low smoke and toxicity ratings means that it has been used extensively by semiconductor manufacturers, for both tube & pipe insulation, as well as high performance conduit systems in their ‘High Temperature Wafer Etching’ machine operations, where an extremely high degree of chemical resistance is a prerequisite for the safe functioning of their machines.