RiLuce & AZOTE®

Zotefoams plc is delighted that RiLuce has selected our premium quality AZOTE® foam to cushion & protect their latest, prestige bio-wine product. 

RiLuce was founded in Canneto Pavese, Italy by Giorgio E Sonia. Wine connoisseur, Giorgio developed an interest in alchemy and botany and applied this interest to wine production. Through observation, he identified the natural ingredients which promote the qualities of purity and succulence in wine. Giorgio created the biotic philosophy, which preserves and evolves the purity of fruit in the finished wine.

RiLuce’s biotic wine is chemical free and harvested in Italy. All ingredients are carefully sourced and selected to ensure the finest quality wine. Naturally, the grape is the essential ingredient.

All products and treatments used in the vineyard or cellar are organic. By choosing AZOTE® foam, the primary packaging is also pure and free from toxic chemicals.

AZOTE® was also selected because of its excellent appearance, damage protection performance and reusability.

The unique Zotefoams nitrogen process builds purity, consistent high quality and low toxicity into every foam, properties which perfectly complement the RiLuce brand values. 

AZOTE® foams derive many of their exceptional properties directly from the use of this inert, tasteless, odourless gas in the manufacturing process.

The process uses no chemical additives, so all Zotefoams advanced cellular materials contain no toxic or volatile chemicals, like CFC, HCFC or other volatile hydrocarbons.