Cost and environmental benefits delivered at source, kinder to the planet

MuCell® technology is a remarkable patented process that creates “micro-bubbles” in the core of plastic parts or products by injecting gas into them as they are manufactured. This produces a foamed core bounded by a solid skin as one integral material that seems indistinguishable from a solid product.

A MuCell extruded part or product can be designed to perform like solid plastic, but will typically use 15-20% less material. These cost and environmental benefits are delivered by using inert carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas reducing plastic content at source.

MuCell Extrusion Technology LLC patented technology, backed by significant know-how, has been developed and successfully applied to LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PS, PP,PA, PVDF, PET, PLA, PVC and TPE processing. Other materials are under development.

MuCell Extrusion Technology LLC licenses this technology with a fee payable as a percentage of savings. If you don’t save you don’t pay!


MuCell® technology can be designed into or retrofitted for the following extrusion processes
  • flexible (film) processing
    • blown or cast film
    • mono or multi-later
  • Extrusion blow moulding
    • Shuttle and wheel technology
  • Flat sheet extrusion
MuCell Extrusion Technology LLC is extensively used in the following markets
  • disposable packaging, especially
    • food packaging
    • health and beauty product packaging
    • household cleaning products
    • automotive fluids packaging
    • industrial packaging
  • automotive and other transportation
  • industrial seals and gaskets
  • furniture
  • recreational products
For further details please visit or contact us: MuCell Extrusion Technology LLC, based in Mass. USA, is wholly owned by Zotefoams plc. It licences MuCell® technology to end users such as Unilever, and develops further intellectual property (IP) in the process. MuCell® is a registered trademark of Trexel Inc, licensed exclusively to MuCell Extrusion Technology LLC for use in microcellular foaming of extrusion products.