Product Overview

From AZOTE® to ZOTEK® and beyond

Zotefoams uses its unique, environmentally friendly technology in a number of ways, all of which have environmental, safety or other performance benefits.

Our nitrogen-expansion autoclave technology is used to create AZOTE® and ZOTEK® block foams with exceptional cell size uniformity, low odour, high purity and outstanding physical properties. The qualities and consistency of these foams deliver benefits during foam conversion and also in end-use products where our unique attributes add value in many applications.

We use our own ZOTEK® foams to manufacture T-FIT® insulation used in some of the highest standard clean-rooms globally.

Through our MuCell® extrusion business we make our proprietary environmentally friendly high-pressure gas technology available to the plastic extrusion market by licensing the MuCell® technology for diverse applications in consumer packaging, such as flexible films, bottles and containers, as well as in other specialty areas.


Zotefoams’ range of high-specification closed-cell, cross-linked foams is divided into two families: AZOTE® and ZOTEK® .


AZOTE® foams, Plastazote, Evazote and Supazote, are polyolefin foams based on a wide range of polymers, and come in a variety of colours and densities.

AZOTE® foams are used in numerous industries for a broad range of applications that include packaging, cushioning, and impact resistance – particularly where light weight, durability and resistance to specific chemicals or water are important.

Foams from the AZOTE® range are generally supplied via our global network of specialist converters.


ZOTEK® foams are high performance products for specialised applications. They are manufactured using fluoropolymers, engineering polymers and specialty elastomers.

ZOTEK® foams are used extensively in industries such as aviation, aerospace, and automobile manufacture, where they are an important part of many high-performance solutions.

ZOTEK® foams have a variety of unique characteristics dependent on their base polymer. These include:

  • Thermal, chemical and radiation resistance
  • excellent flammability performance
  • resistance to swelling from contact with hydrocarbons such as oil

T-FIT® Insulation System

T-FIT® is an insulation system specifically designed for ‘cleanroom’ applications. T-FIT® Clean products are the only foams currently compliant with the demanding FM Approvals 4910 standard for cleanroom management.

MuCell® Technology

MuCell® technology is a microcellular foaming process developed specifically for extrusion applications by MuCell Extrusion LLC. The company is wholly owned by Zotefoams plc, it exists to licence MuCell® technology to end users, and develop further intellectual property (IP) in the process.