PLASTAZOTE® Open Boat Project For Developing Countries

PLASTAZOTE®, the high performance closed cell cross linked polyolefin foam from Zotefoams, is the  construction material of choice in the new ‘Open Boat Project’, which was established with the aim  of building a basic self build, low cost boat for rowing, canoeing or sailing in developing countries. 

PLASTAZOTE® proved  to be  the most cost9effective solution and  the ideal material for  the project,  due  to  its  excellent  flexibility,  buoyancy  and  robustness.  Reading  Rowing  Club  coach  Jim  Flood,  a former  engineer  and  a  British  Rowing  and  FISA  Coach  Educator  in  Uganda,  Kenya,  Argentine  and  Chile, is  using  two  pieces  of  PLASTAZOTE® with  the  dimensions  4000mm  x  1000mm  x  50mm  and  four strips of soft wood of 4000mm x 50mm x 12mm, in the construction of a simple, basic boat hull.   

The  project  is  mainly  focusing  on  the  use  of PLASTAZOTE® boats  in  developing countries  where  rowing and canoeing are being developed as new sports, but cost is a serious limitation. Rowing and  canoeing  clubs in Europe and North America may also  be interested in adapting  the  concept as it  would enable them to provide low9cost boats to widen access to their sports. 

If you would like to know more about the Open Boat Project or have some ideas that you would like  to contribute, please contact Jim Flood: 

Tel: +44 (0) 1189312689
Mobil: +44 (0) 7789393207

PLASTAZOTE®, the high quality closed cell, cross9linked polyethylene foams, are used by many world  leading  companies  for  uses  ranging  from  personal  impact  protection  and  protective  packaging  to  marine  buoyancy  and  medical  orthoses. The  material  is  also  to  be  found  in  many  construction,  automotive, aerospace and defense applications.

One  potential  new  application  is  in  the  production  of  inexpensive  training  boats  for  adaptive  canoeing,  a  sport  recently  accepted  for  the  2016  Olympics.  The  outstanding  buoyancy  of  PLASTAZOTE® foams  makes  the  material  an  ideal  choice  for  the  construction  of  puncture  proof  outriggers,  canoes  which  feature  one  or  more  lateral  support  floats. Individuals  may  also  be  interested in creating their own recreational boat which they can easily carry on a car roof top, and  in that case, PLASTAZOTE® will also be ideal due to its robustness.