High performance clean tube and pipe insulation system

T-FIT® Clean is a high performance tube and pipe insulation system, designed and developed specifically for industrial sectors with Clean-Room & Hygienic operations, with the explicit intention of reducing operating cost and eliminating Clean-Room contamination risk.

Zotefoams plc first introduced the concept of ‘Clean Technology Insulation’ to the Bio-Pharmaceutical industries in 2008 with their partner UFP Technologies and the T-TUBES® product, manufactured from ZOTEK® F42HTLS Closed Cell, White PVDF Foam.

Since that time it has become the insulation of choice for those customers worldwide wishing to reduce their risk of Clean-Room contamination and their operational cost; enabling them to optimize their facility operations in Clean-Room and Clean-Utility areas.

The unique Zotefoams manufacturing process, utilizing a high grade PVDF polymer, enables an inherently hygienic product, able to withstand the demands of the most stringent Clean-Room operations; and a product that is extremely resistant to bacteria growth and surpasses the challenges of the industry standard; ASTM G21-15.

The versatility of T-FIT® Clean and its inherently pure base material; ZOTEK® F42HTLS, enables the easy insulation and subsequent reduction in energy loss, from valves, heat exchangers, filters & reducers; as well as the elimination of all condensation associated with chilled lines; as well as being able to withstand the rigours of the ever increasing temperatures used in SIP & CIP locations.