Performance benefits of ‘aviation’ foam help protect society’s most vulnerable

ZOTEK® F is best-known as the disruptive high-performance material that has enabled airframe manufacturers and airlines to shed significant weight from aircraft interiors and save countless gallons of fuel in the process.

While weight-saving properties have frequently made headlines in the ZOTEK F success story, any materials destined for use in aircraft must also demonstrate exceptional safety credentials.

ZOTEK F has these in abundance: PVDF is inherently inert and Zotefoams’ manufacturing process does not affect that essential purity. Resistant to UV light (exposure to which is far higher at altitude) and with outstanding Fire, Smoke and Toxicity properties, ZOTEK F has proven to be the ideal material for multiple applications inside the cabin, as well as behind the panels of aircraft.

Now these same properties are being harnessed in a new application where safety is also paramount. Breakaway doors are used in medical facilities to protect vulnerable patients from self-harm while affording privacy.

Kennon Products (Wyoming, USA) launched its Kennon Door 2.0, its newest ligature-resistant patient safety product, featuring ZOTEK F.

The door’s soft materials and breakaway magnetic hinge save lives, while its durable design enhances the look of any facility.

A primary objective for Kennon was to develop a door that would achieve the new 

National Fire Protection Association NFPA-286 certification, which is required for facility operators wishing to meet certain fire prevention guidelines.

Zotefoams worked closely with Kennon to select and test various ZOTEK F materials, while providing support and insight based on previous experience of aviation applications and flame testing. For Zotefoams, this process resulted in the development of a new product.

For Kennon, it was mission accomplished, with the successful launch in 2022 of its Door 2.0, the first anti-ligature door offering NFPA-286 certification.

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