PACCOR uses MuCell® Extrusion technology for its pioneering Neocell®and Neocell+®thin sheet technology

Woburn, MA, July 25, 2013 – PACCOR’s Neocell thin-sheet technology for form-fill-seal (FFS) applications in dairy, along with other markets gets its innovative, ecological and resource-saving performance with the help of the MuCell process, supplied by MuCell Extrusion LLC, of Woburn, MA. FFS is a process where the packing material is fed from a roll, formed to the desired shape, filled with product and sealed in a continuous operation. It is often used in packaging of yogurts, desserts, single portion servings of UHT milk, sauces, etc.

Bob Hope, Materials Technology Manager for PACCOR said, “The development of this gas injection technology, in conjunction with MuCell Extrusion has allowed PACCOR to offer to the market two new products for Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) sheet, Neocell and Neocell+. Neocell allows us to eliminate the use of chemical foaming agents, which for us leads to a cleaner process, with much more control over the expansion, as the quantity of gas injected is metered very accurately.”

Neocell technology is designed to offer unique advantages in terms of efficiency and sustainability. According to Vincent Duguay, Development leader for Neocell, “Neocell’s unique selling point is its low density middle layer, which forms through the use of the MuCell process and which makes the polystyrene sheet lighter, more environmentally friendly and also improves the carbon footprint.”

Cell size is more homogeneous and density can easily be adjusted to the customer’s requirements. Neocell+ is an extension of Neocell. Mineral fillers are incorporated into the formulation, which further reinforces the structure. This enables Neocell+ to be used in applications where previously only solid sheet could be used.

”These two new products demonstrate PACCOR’s commitment to the FFS market and to offering solutions which bring real environmental benefits, in terms of weight reduction and carbon footprint,” said Hope.

Neocell’s density decrease, through its use of the MuCell process, leads to weight reduction, material savings and reduced CO2 emissions. Neocell is also flexible, because the density of the sheet is actually adjustable according to the end user’s needs. Neocell is available in a varety of thicknesses, ranging from 0.7mm to 1.4mm, and the sheet can be supplied in either white or in bi-color.

About MuCell Technology

MuCell technology is based on the direct injection of atmospheric gas (N2 or CO2) in its supercritical state. MuCell has applied this technology to most plastic materials and processes. Rigid sheet, low-density flexible sheet, Blown film, Cast film, pipe/tubing/profile, and blow molding manufacturing processes are all current applications using MuCell technology. MuCell’s innovative and accessible technology brings significant material weight-savings and cost reduction opportunities, without compromising physical product performance.

In 2012, Dow Chemical, Styron and MuCell reached agreements for MuCell to acquire exclusive rights to both Dow and Styron’s patent portfolio for flat sheet resin technology, and more recently Dow’s patents for foam film technology.

The corporate headquarters of MuCell Extrusion LLC are located at 212 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01810. MuCell Extrusion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zotefoams plc, UK (ZTF on LSE) For more information, please visit or contact MuCell Extrusion directly at +1 859-647- 8861.


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