No more ‘rain in the plane’

From the very beginning of commercial flight, dealing with moisture caused by condensation from flying at high altitude has been a major challenge; so much so, it has been given the infamous name ‘rain in the plane’.

Moisture trough

Unwanted moisture can have serious consequences – from affecting electronics, to absorbing into insulation blankets, to even dripping on passengers during flight. To solve this problem, leading aerospace solution provider, Technifab Inc., turned to Zotefoams for its high-performance, closed cell PVDF foam, ZOTEK® F, and applied it in a unique way.

Moisture trough

Since the moisture cannot be eliminated, it would have to be managed, so Technifab opted to design and manufacture a product that would capture and channel the moisture; the Moisture Trough and Gutter System.

Using thermoforming and bonding to produce unique and complex geometries, a fully integrated trough and gutter system was created that channels moisture to the desired collection area so it can then be proactively dealt with before it can pose a problem.

The use of ZOTEK F30 enabled Technifab to offer a system that meets all design requirements and, as an added benefit, it is lightweight, abuse-resistant, and easy to install.

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