The closed cell nature of AZOTE® foams make them ideal for many marine buoyancy applications as they cannot be deflated in a similar way to pneumatic structures. AZOTE® foams offer an unrivalled combination of mechanical properties; strength, light weight.

Construction materials
AZOTE® foams are used in the manufacture of floating hoses for oil terminals and dredging. They are also used in the production of MOB (man overboard) boats used in off shore oil exploration and as buoyancy fillers in amphibious cars where their flame retardant nature is also invaluable. AZOTE® foams are also used as the basis for ships upholstery that has buoyancy properties.

Plastazote is the lightest polyethylene foam available with densities down to 15kg / m3 making it particularly suitable for use as formers in the hull stiffening ribs and stringers of large FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) boats and other structures.

Fenders made from AZOTE® foams will not sink if they become damaged. They provide high energy absorption with a low reaction force – properties that make them superior to pneumatic fenders.

Cylindrical buoys, anchor pendant buoys, navigation and marker buoys all benefit from the closed cell nature of AZOTE® foams.

AZOTE® foam floats for umbilicals, ropes, cables, are exceptionally durable and easy to manufacture using conventional foam conversion techniques. Self-fendering booms have a myriad of applications from oil containment to the creation of exclusion zones at sea or in inland waterways. The puncture protection provided by AZOTE® foams is highly valued in such applications.

Piping Insulation and Air Ducting
T-FIT® Clean manufactured from ZOTEK® F42HTLS is used in the luxury end of the marine industry market, its inherent sanitary features, extreme resistance to bacteria growth, and ultra-low flame, smoke & toxicity ratings, and the ability to eliminate condensation, make it the ideal solution for both piping insulation and air ducting requirements throughout the length of your boat.