Zotefoams announces commissioning of two new high-temperature foaming vessels at our Croydon, UK Facility.

This extra capacity has been created to fulfil the strong demand for the ZOTEK® range of High Performance Products (HPP). Zotefoams has seen significant growth within HPP over the past few years and we anticipate further demand increases particularly for our PEBA and Nylon foams, now being manufactured in larger volumes.

Zotefoams’ HPP Business Unit delivered revenue of £10 million last year, representing over 17% of Zotefoams’ Group Revenue. ZOTEK® foams, which form the basis of our HPP range, are manufactured from specialist engineering polymers and are designed for demanding applications in high value global markets.

ZOTEK® products include ZOTEK® F foams, a market leader in aircraft interior applications, ZOTEK® N high temperature foams, ideally suited for automotive and thermoplastic composite use and ZOTEK® PEBA foams, delivering high levels of energy return.

David Stirling, Group CEO of Zotefoams plc commented, “the wide capability of this investment not only allows us to foam every polymer in our range but also opens the doors to further developments. Our HPP business continues to grow strongly, while we are also seeing gains in our core AZOTE® polyethylene foams business.  With our $31million USA investment planned to commission around the end of the third quarter this year we expect 2017 to be another year of progress for the Group.”