High Temperature Processing Aids

ZOTEK® N combines all the recognised benefits of nylon with the advantages of a foam.
  • Lightweight with excellent temperature performance (up to 200◦C )
  • Exhibits excellent hydrocarbon resistance
  • Can be easily thermoformed into complex shapes
  • Excellent insulation properties 
ZOTEK® N can be used for many industrial processing applications.
Dimensionally stable manufacturing processing support:

Withstand high temperature processes

  • Paint bake cycle

  • E-coating

  • Powder coating

  • Sintering
Paint/powder coating masking material for metals and plastics:

Sun roofs, floor masking and wheel turrets under the bonnet.

  • Thermoformed re-useable ZOTEK® N

  • Resistant to heat and paint

  • Cost reduction versus conventional silicone tapes due to labour time reductions 
Image: thermoformed ZOTEK® N foam 

Dimensionally stable insulation:

  • Pre-assembled insulation in metal structures

  • Withstand high temperatures

  • Manufacturing time is reduced resulting in lower-cost

  • No additional handling due to pre-assembled insulation 

Hot material handling aid in the production of metal parts:

  • In process packaging

  • Personal protection

  • Hot parts protection

  • Packaging of warm components (ullage and dunnage)
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons and lubricating agents 

  • Don’t require cooling time (eliminate space requirement for cooling)

  • Time and space saving
Contact the ZOTEK® N team for further info: zotekglobal@zotefoams.com