Food & Beverage

Food contact applications

When it comes to food contact applications, AZOTE® polyethylene foam is the material of choice. The inherent purity of the product due to the unique Zotefoams process combined with a choice of FDA compliant resin makes it suitable for both packaging/logistic applications but also technical applications such as seals & gaskets.

Clean Insulation System

The inherent sanitary nature of the T-FIT® Clean product range, makes it the ideal insulation system for use in those plants and facilities that require a ‘food contact’ grade material; enabling a high degree of sterility to be maintained, whether insulating long and densely packed ‘Holding Tubes’ within the dairy & beverage industry, or multi-use lines within the general food & bakery industry that require high pressure steam cleaning after each run of ingredient; T-FIT® Clean is the only insulation system that can meet, and exceed all of these challenges.