AZOTE® Foams Fueling Artistic Creativity

Zotefoams’ high purity AZOTE® foams branded under the names Plastazote, Evazote and Supazote have been used for artistic purposes for many years and the ability to manipulate them is seen as a commercial skill in creative circles.

Working with AZOTE® foams

AZOTE® foams are simple to manipulate by hand. They can be cut with scissors, sawn, hot wired, carved with a craft knife, drilled, sanded, glued, melt laminated and even welded with a heat gun. Being crosslinked they can also be thermoformed easily (and at relatively low temperatures) and are also suitable for ‘direct to body’ moulding.

Plastazote is an ideal material for:

– model, puppetry and toy making,

– costume and props in stage productions and has even appeared in Hollywood feature films!,

– carnival costumes,

– art work and technology projects in school,

– Live Action Role Play, used to line armour and make swords, shields etc.

Plastazote can create tremendous impact when sculpted creatively on 3-D billboards or used tastefully in window dressing.

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