Coveris using MuCell® technology to produce polystyrene-free packaging

Next generation in lightweight technology provides a cost-effective, ecological and resource-saving packaging solution.

9 March 2017 – Zotefoams plc, a world leader in cellular materials technology, announces that Coveris Holdings S.A. (Coveris), a leading international manufacturing company, is now using MuCell® technology to produce a polystyrene-free packaging solution, known as NEOCELL® PP+, on a commercial basis. NEOCELL® PP+ is the first thermoformed polypropylene (PP) sheet in the form-fill-seal (FFS) industry which is dominated by polystyrene (PS) packaging. The PP material guarantees the same output and efficiency as PS with the addition of improved price stability, excellent thermoforming capabilities and a significant carbon footprint reduction.

The development of NEOCELL® PP+ was driven by the need to provide an ecological and resource-saving packaging solution, while enhancing overall cost-effectiveness. NEOCELL® PP+ eliminates the need for chemical foaming agents using MuCell® technology for injection of inert gas, resulting in a 26% reduction in product weight compared to PS. In addition, variable density regulation by injecting the optimal amount of gas generates material savings. Under the terms of the agreement, MuCell Extrusion LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zotefoams plc, has licensed its technology to Coveris with a fee payable as a percentage of cost savings.

David Stirling, Group CEO of Zotefoams plc, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with Coveris to produce the innovative NEOCELL® PP+ polystyrene-free packaging solution.

This partnership further exemplifies the financial and environmental benefits that MuCell™ Extrusion technology can deliver.”

Coveris is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of every day products. Coveris’ NEOCELL® PP+ has opened a new chapter with its ground-breaking and innovative PS-free packaging solution for all kinds of FFS applications, for use in sectors such as the dairy industry. For example, NEOCELL® PP+ has been developed as a breakable PP FFS sheet, making it ideal for use in yoghurt pots so they can be easily detached from each other when in packs.