Breakdown of Green Revenue by market and segment

2022 revenue by segment and market, £m (%)
 Polyolefin foamsHPPMEL
Sports and leisure 5.9 (4.6%)42.3 (33.2%) 
Product protection26.8 (21.0%) 2.8 (2.2%)
Building and construction9.1 (7.1%)6.2 (4.9%) 
Transportation10.0 (7.9%)5.3 (4.2%) 
Industrial7.4 (5.8%)0.3 (0.2%) 
Medical6.1 (4.8%)0.3 (0.3%) 
Other4.9 (3.9%)0.0 (0.0%) 

Green Revenue

Assumption that all applications within a market achieve the same benefits in resource efficiency.

  • Transportation: reduced weight products which use less material and allow improved fuel efficiency.

  • Product Protection and Sports and Leisure: designed to be lighter using less material for the same or superior performance.

  • Building and Construction: designed to save energy by sealing or insulating buildings and pipework.

  • Industrial, Medical and Other markets are excluded from green revenues. While some applications will undoubtedly offer resource efficiency benefits, many will use our products for other performance attributes such as purity.
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