Technologies & Capabilities

Block Foam Technology

At Zotefoams we focus on producing high-performance, high quality foams, under the brand names AZOTE® and ZOTEK®,  using technologies exclusive to us.

At the heart of what we do is a unique, environmentally friendly process that uses nitrogen gas to produce a range of closed cell, cross-linked foams. The process comprises three distinct stages:

  • High quality extrusion and cross-linking of solid polymeric sheet
  • Impregnation of solid sheet with pure nitrogen gas at elevated temperature and extremely high pressure
  • Final expansion of the impregnated solid sheet in the low pressure autoclave.

This technology, as well as being environmentally friendly, is extremely flexible. Operating at temperatures up to 250 ºC /  482 ºF allows us to foam a wide range of polymers.  Some of the unique characteristics of Zotefoams products come from the combination of foaming process and polymer performance, delivering properties including excellent fire resistance, high-temperature stability, toughness and insulation.

Regardless of polymer, our technology produces foam that is:

  • uniform
  • pure
  • non-toxic
  • lightweight
  • durable

The separation of the process allows very accurate control of the individual parameters governing consistent production of high quality foams.

For more information about our unique process and its advantages read theZotefoams Difference brochure and have a look at the videos below.

Extrusion Technology

MuCell® microcellular extrusion technology uses microcellular bubbles to produce a foamed core wrapped in a solid skin. This process delivers one integral material that looks and performs like a solid version, but typically uses 10-15% less plastic. Using less polymer is not only environmentally beneficial and sustainable but also produces cost and weight saving too. 


The standard AZOTE® and ZOTEK® ranges of foams are capable of being formulated with properties relevant to specific applications to meet industry standards or unique customer needs. We are continually developing our range of foams to satisfy the expanding needs of our clients, and to this end we offer customer and market specific grades.

We work with our customers offering internal testing and technical support. Our facilities are designed to ensure that new applications use the most effective materials, and that existing applications are taking full advantage of the advances in foaming which our R&D departments are focussed on producing.

Internal testing includes: 

  • mechanical property testing
  • flammability testing
  • temperature aging
  • polymer identification

Our technical support includes:

  • advice on suitable materials for new applications
  • provision of test reports to specific standards
  • testing for specific projects
  • advice on replacement products based on datasheets or sample analysis
  • testing of provided samples where data is not available

Internal testing and specific technical support are available on a project-by-project basis following detailed discussion with our commercial staff.

For application and technical enquiries please contact us.