Why choose Zotefoams?

Since its inception in 1921, Zotefoams has focussed relentlessly on one thing – expanding plastics, and later complex polymers, to produce the world’s best high-performance, high quality foams.

To do this we use a unique, patented process that uses high-pressure nitrogen gas to produce foams that are superior to those manufactured by any other process.

Zotefoams foams are pure and chemically inert. Because our manufacturing process does not use blowing agents, our foams do not contain blowing-agent residues that cause unwelcome odours, can be a source of corrosion, and can seriously reduce their mechanical strength (tear, tensile, and compressive).

And because our foams have a uniform cell structure with regular cell walls, they have consistent physical and isotropic mechanical properties – unlike chemically blown foams that often have irregular density distribution, which can cause serious problems during subsequent thermoforming operations.

Put simply, Zotefoams products are:

  • stronger
  • lighter
  • harder wearing
  • easier to use
  • kinder to the environment

than any other comparative foam you can buy.