25 Years of Zotefoams

On 27 August, 2017 Zotefoams celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Growth on every front has been the theme of these challenging and opportunity rich 25 years.

Revenue has quadrupled from £14m in 1992 to £57m last year, with growth of 25% in the first half of 2017.

In the process, the organisation has transformed from a UK foam manufacturer, with a global sales reach, to a multi-national, multi-site, multi-dimensional group of cellular materials pioneers.

Transformational changes include:

The founding of new manufacturing sites:

  • Zotefoams Inc in Walton, Kentucky for sheet and block foam production
  • Zotefoams MidWest, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for foam sheet conversion
  • Kunshan ZOTEK® King Lai, near Shanghai, producing T-FIT® advanced insulation
  • Zotefoams Operations (Thailand) as a service centre of the T-FIT® business

The launch of new brands:

ZOTEK® family of foams, targeted specifically to offer higher levels of performance and/or displace non-foam materials in large opportunity, change-seeking markets. ZOTEK® F replaces metal and solid plastic in aviation interiors, ZOTEK® N is high-temperature foam, excelling in automotive material under the bonnet and in composite panels, while ZOTEK® PEBA offers unrivalled energy management for the sports industry.

The development of new business models:

T-FIT® unique insulation technology for demanding industrial environments: sterile, aseptic and high temperature.

The acquisition and development of new technologies:

MuCell® microcellular extrusion technology, making packaging 15% lighter, cheaper and greener.

We see continued opportunities for the growth and development of Zotefoams businesses over the coming years.