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The sustainable beverage carton

Beverage cartons have been used for decades to keep beverages such as juices and dairy products fresh or shelf-stable. However, because they’re made of different materials laminated together, recycling them is difficult and a circular, or ‘closed loop’ solution seems impossible.

The circular economy

Designing out waste and pollution and keeping materials in use to allow natural systems to regenerate is critical to protecting the planet for future generations. That’s why the circular economy is a focus of new legislation around the world.

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Plastic HDPE pellets, including a high proportion of recycled material, are fed into the extruder...
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...and made into rolls of material for the packaging company...
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....where the ReZorce cartons are made and filled...
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HDPE mono-material cartons are delivered to wholesaler or retailer
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Off-the-shelf purchase by consumer
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easy recycling for the consumer
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Household recyling collection
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Cartons are separated and processed at local recycling facilities
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Recycled pellets delivered to film extruder

The first beverage carton designed for the circular economy

ReZorce does the same great job of preserving products as standard beverage cartons, but because it’s considered a single raw material, it’s easy to recycle back into the same type of packaging, rather than downcycle into something else.

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100% recyclable and up to 100% recycled content

ReZorce is designed for regular household recycling and existing waste sorting and reprocessing. It’s a simple message for everyone, everywhere: if you recycle a ReZorce carton, it may well come back as itself again… and again…

In a March 2021 trial conducted at Bord na Móna’s mixed recycling facility in Ireland, printed ReZorce cartons were successfully identified as recyclable plastic and were sorted into the recyclable HDPE fraction.

and a low environmental impact

An independent life cycle analysis underlines the impeccable environmental credentials of ReZorce
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    Less Energy

    less energy

    Less Water

    less water

    lower gwp

    ReZorce looks, feels and folds like current beverage cartons, but does much more

    Combining patented technology with Zotefoams’ unrivalled polymer know-how, ReZorce is a polymer sheet material featuring foamed layers in its core to optimise oxygen and moisture barriers and ensure a paper-like fold. What’s more, ReZorce is surface-printed, allowing batch-to-batch customisation.

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    Ready to ReZorce?

    ReZorce is made using a modification of existing extrusion sheet processes, printed using conventional methods and designed for standard form-fill-seal machines. Prospective customers can request information on fast-track trials at commercial scale in our new test facility.


    feed diagram
    Rolls of HDPE film delivered

    It’s time to take the next step in beverage carton technology

    retail delivery

    Can your composite beverage cartons meet your commitment to recycling and use of recycled content in your packaging? Is your current composite carton compatible with the requirements of new legislation taking effect from 2025? Society’s awareness of the need to reduce environmental footprint has never been stronger. ReZorce is a scalable solution using existing systems – and its performance is a reality.



    100% of ReZorce can be recycled at kerbside

    Recycled content

    ReZorce cartons have up to 100% recycled content
    End of life

    ReZorce cartons are recyclable

    Patented technology meets established process

    Our patented technology for making HDPE ReZorce sheet is compatible with all conventional extrusion methods and standard form-fill-seal machines.

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    Make the circular choice, with us, today

    ReZorce is made using a modification of existing extrusion sheet processes, printed using conventional methods and designed for standard form-fill-seal machines. For prospective customers, fast-track trials at commercial scale in our new test facility will soon be available – enquire today.

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    rezorce juice pack

    Optimal material solutions for the benefit of society

    Join the ReZorce revolution

    We are readying ReZorce for global rollout. If you are in the packaging industry and would like to know more or talk about collaboration, please email us or fill in the form below

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