Plastika Balumag twin-sheet air duct saves weight, improves insulation

Plastika Balumag AG (Hochdorf, Switzerland) serves a wide range of applications for the aviation industry, one being a formed twin-sheet air duct assembly with integrated breakpoints for easy installation in business jets, where it optimises air circulation throughout the aircraft.

The duct is produced from ZOTEK® F OSU XR high-performance foam, selected due to its light weight, ease of processing and its frequent suitability to replace traditional materials, such as solid plastics or composites.

The material also meets all relevant aviation standards, offering outstanding fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) ratings.

As well as being less than half the weight of standard solid plastic air ducts, the twin-sheet air duct offers exceptional acoustic and heat insulation.

Sophisticated manufacturing techniques used in its production and disruptive materials such as ZOTEK® F OSU XR allow airlines and plane manufacturers to make flight more sustainable: weight reduction throughout the cabin results in reduced fuel usage which, in turn, reduces emissions and cost.

Plastika Balumag says that ZOTEK F OSU XR is the only material that could meet all the requirements for the air duct application, being the lightest and most sustainable whilst satisfying stringent aviation certification requirements.

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