High performance closed cell, cross-linked Nylon foam based on Polyamide 6.

ZOTEK® N is a lightweight, tough, strong and durable foam.

ZOTEK® N B50 is the first grade in Zotefoams’ range of polyamide foams based on Nylon 6. It has a density of 50kg/m3. We have a significant market interest in other grades of nylon foams and variants are currently under development or with sample quantities available on request.

All ZOTEK® N foams are black.

ZOTEK® N foams offer:

  • high temperature resistance up to 205°C / 401ᵒF
  • resistance to a wide range of chemicals, particularly hydrocarbons such as oils and fuels, alcohols and ketones
  • low weight, natural flexural response, buoyancy, and thermal and acoustic insulation
  • best in class durability and longevity
  • insignificant thermal shrinkage

ZOTEK® N foams can be manipulated using conventional foam conversion methods, such as die and water jet cutting, sawing, laminating and welding into continuous rolls. They can also be thermoformed into complex single component structures providing benefits such as weight and cost reduction.

ZOTEK® N foams are commonly used for:

  • energy absorbing applications and semi-structural parts, particularly in the engine compartment of automobiles, trucks & buses.
  • temperature-resistant seals & gaskets
  • thermal insulation and heat shield where a wide temperature window is required
  • battery cover insulation
  • paint masking and powder coating protection
  • impact protection for high-tech protective clothing
  • as a core material in thermoplastic composites where it will allow higher temperatures to be used during processing thus reducing cycle times and increasing capacity

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