Our range of advanced cellular materials offer footwear designers a wealth of opportunities.


The Evazote range of EVA foams deliver great rebound and comfort. These characteristics are equally suited to the construction of athletic and orthotic insoles. AZOTE® foams are skin kind and lacking in odour producing chemicals due to Zotefoams unique process. This process also creates closed cell construction and consistent cell size making for easy processing. Excellent thermoformability creates even more options for optimising comfort and support.

ZOTEK® PEBA lightest foam for shoes

ZOTEK® PEBA has a very low density (only 55kg/m3) that allows the design of lighter parts. This foam is ideal for midsole, insole, impact insert and padding applications. Choosing and using ZOTEK® PEBA will save at least 50% weight while maintain critical performance characteristics on the foam components.