ZOTEK® PEBA foam in footwear applications

Lightest foam for shoes

ZOTEK PEBA has a very low density (only 55kg/m3) that allows the design of lighter parts. Our foam is ideal for midsole, insole, impact insert and padding applications. Choosing and using ZOTEK PEBA will save at least 50% weight while maintain critical performance characteristics on the foam components.

Foam Type Hardness
Asker C
ZOTEK®PEBA foam 42 55
EVA foam 42 <115

Outstanding mechanical and dynamic properties
ZOTEK PEBA has excellent compression set, tensile strength, tear strength, compression deflection (compressive stress) and resiliency properties. At less than half the weight, ZOTEK PEBA matches or exceeds the performance of a 115kg/m3 EVA foam typically used in the footwear industry.

Performance at extreme low temperatures
ZOTEK PEBA foam does not stiffen in cold weather which makes it ideal for winter sports shoes: ski boots and liners, snowboard boots, mountain boots. Our foam retains its mechanical and dynamic properties (strength and impact resistance) and resilience under freezing conditions.

Excellent Processability
ZOTEK PEBA can easily be moulded and thermoformed.