Our Brands

A world-class range of advanced foams, high-performance products, and unique technologies


AZOTE is the group brand for a variety of polyolefin foams manufactured from differing base polymers but using the same unique process route.

The current product range, which is available through a global wholesaler and converter network, includes:

  • Plastazote®
  • Evazote®
  • Supazote®


ZOTEK is a range of high-performance foams manufactured from fluoropolymers and engineering thermoplastics. These polymers are tough and rigid, have inherent flame retardant properties, outstanding chemical resistance, and in many cases can withstand temperatures in excess of 160°C (320°F).

ZOTEK foams maintain many of the properties of the solid polymers used, but with enhanced insulation properties, and a far higher strength to weight ratio. The ZOTEK range currently includes:



T-FIT is an advanced insulation system specifically designed to meet the exacting standards required for clean process manufacture in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor industries


MUCELL Extrusion technology is a manufacturing process that creates inert microcellular foam in the core of solid plastic parts or products by injecting gas into them as they are manufactured.

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